Another Good Wii Game — Mario Sports Mix

On my first post I told you about Kirby’s Epic Yarn.  Well, we found a new Wii game called Mario Sports Mix that’s really fun.  You can play either Basketball, Volleyball, Dodgeball, or Hockey.  You can either play a game or a tournament.  If you win all the tournaments, you have to battle an enormous purple dragon from Final Fantasy that can fire meteors.  You can either play as your famous Mario characters, or your Mii.  During the games, you can make special moves like you have Superpowers — you can jump very high, spin, dunk or spike the ball — and there are bombs and banana peels to throw at your opponent.  If you win, you get a giant trophy — either the Mushroom Cup, the Flower Cup or the Star Cup.  We recommend this game for any kid — it’s challenging, funny and enjoyable!