Meeting Miranda

On my last post, you heard that Miranda Cosgrove was coming to town.  On that day, I was able to go to the concert and go backstage to meet her.  She is really, really nice — a lot like her character on iCarly.  She was wearing a cool black jacket with a silver metallic skirt.  When she found out that I was the girl who interviewed her for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, she got really excited and gave me a big hug!  She also signed the Post-Gazette story for me, and we talked about the interview, our best friends and our puppies.  After I met her, we went back to our seats, which were right up front.  Greyson Chance was the first act, then Miranda came out.  She put on a great concert — with amazing music, male dancers and crazy lights!  She changed her clothes three times and she looked great every time.  At the end of the concert, everyone left their seats and went up to the edge of the stage and danced — it was awesome!  That was my best concert ever!